Kite With Butterfly

Once upon a time, there was a kite in a country in a sieve of straw, it flew in the sky and raced with the clouds. One day, while flying in the sky like this, he looked down; He saw a butterfly flying from bush to bush on the ground. He shouted from the heavens; "Hey, butterfly! Look at me, look how I'm flying like birds in the sky. Just like birds, right? Even the clouds can't get as high as I do. I see you so small from here I can't tell. You're so tiny. Ah, look at me and who knows what I am." You're just as jealous, aren't you?" As the butterfly spread its wings, flying towards a noble daisy it saw; "Jealous of you or me?" he asked. "I didn't have the power to do anything and I was going to be jealous of you, huh? You have nothing to be jealous of. "Gee!" said the kite. "Where did that come from now? Why should I be grieving?" "Look at you," said the butterfly. &